atmosphériques narrative is an editorial and creative consultancy studio dedicated to architecture and transforming contemporary territories. We aim to incorporate creative and context sensitive approaches in the design of architecture or urban projects, as early as the first steps.
Our studio develops its own singular approach which uses the revealing powers of photography and visual arts while focusing on time spent in the field.
This approach aims to qualify spaces and unfold potential. Our field studies focus on usages, appropriation strategies and atmospheres. Our multidisciplinary team is very sensitive to human, economical, ecological and cultural contexts.

Atmosphériques narratives’ visual production and analysis abilities are enriched by a full mastery of the editorial chain, from production to distribution : identity, creative direction, graphic design, copyrighting, art buying, printmaking and distribution.


Giaime Meloni

PhD in architecture and photographer. The aim of his work is to explore the role of the photography as a sensible instrument to narrate the space complexity. His researches has been
published in various publications (MAM Saint Etienne, INTRU). Giaime Meloni takes part in several International Conferences (CCA, FAUP). He teaches photography as an instrument of the making of
the architectural design between France and Italy. He regularly writes for DOMUS and he is a contributing editor of GENDA Magazine.

Cyrille Weiner
Photographer and creative director born in 1976 and trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière. Cyrille Weiner works closely with architects and urban institutions (Patrick Bouchain, OMA Rem Koolhaas, LAN, François Leclercq, W-architectures…). His work has been published by numerous international magazines (M Le Monde, New York Times, T magazine, Foam, British Journal of Photography, Art Press…) and exhibited at MAC Lyon, at the Rencontres d’Arles and at the Villa Noailles in Hyères. He was the laureate of the Prix Lucien Hervé and Rudolf Hervé in 2012 and the author of Presque île (Almost Island) (2009) and of Twice, (2015). Cyrille Weiner recurrently poses the question of space, and how individuals appropriate themselves to their living spaces, distanced from directives coming from “on high.” Progressively leaving the documentary register, he proposes a universe crossed by fiction, that he establishes with exhibitions, editorial projects and installations.